Rockpoint Legal Funding: Lien Doctors and What You Should Know Before You Retain

Not every doctor or surgical center will agree to a medical lien arrangement.

Accident victims shouldn't have to go without medical treatment just because they can't afford high out-of-pocket medical costs. Even if they are insured, many victims are turning to medical liens to assist in paying for expenses.

How It Works. When plaintiffs in personal injury cases need medical care and their insurance doesn't cover all the expenses (or they are uninsured), some providers are willing to perform the necessary procedures and agree to receive compensation after settlement funds are dispersed. This means your clients don't have to delay treatment for months or sometimes years while waiting for their case to settle.

"Not every doctor or surgical center will agree to a medical lien arrangement," says Ramtin Ghaneeian, Rockpoint Legal Funding president. "That's where Rockpoint Legal Funding can help. We have compiled a comprehensive list of physicians and medical centers throughout Northern California and Southern California willing to treat your client's injuries and delay payment until the settlement is funded. Feel free to reach out to our medical team if you have questions regarding medical liens and how they can benefit your client."

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Source: Rockpoint Legal Funding