Rockpoint Legal Funding: Settlement Funds to Pay Medical Liens

Settlement funding can payoff medical liens for such procedures as spinal cord stimulators.

Imagine suffering from a debilitating injury that causes pain so severe, it prevents you from living a normal life. Pain of this kind is often the result of an accident or injury. A simple medical device, known as a spinal cord stimulator, is sometimes recommended to help block the pain.

The device is surgically placed under the injured client's skin. When activated, it produces electrical pulses that travel through the spinal cord to the brain, keeping pain in check. While it doesn't eliminate all pain, it can reduce it to a manageable (and livable) level.

"Unfortunately, in many cases, personal injury clients don't have the money or adequate medical coverage to pay for these kinds of procedures as they wait for their settlement to finalize and fund," says Ramtin Ghaneeian, Rockpoint Legal Funding president.

Paying Doctors After The Case Settles. A number of doctors will perform needed procedures on a lien basis. How do you find these doctors? "Rockpoint Legal Funding maintains a comprehensive network of physicians and medical facilities willing to receive compensation for their work after a personal injury case settles and is funded," says Ghaneeian.

Doctors treat the injured party immediately. In return, the patient and attorney sign an agreement stating all medical expenses will be paid from settlement proceeds. The doctors and medical facilities are paid first before the injured party after settlement.

Rockpoint's list of lien-approved, skilled doctors and medical facilities include those located throughout California and Arizona. For more information, please call 855-582-9200 or email Ghaneeian at

Source: Rockpoint Legal Funding